Group Tours

Looking for the very best group tour of Luxembourg?  Want to visit Luxembourg but don’t want the hassle and stress of all the planning and details?  Kevin brings over 15 years of experience with personally planning and leading annual group tours of Luxembourg which participants find fun, enriching, inspiring and memorable!

While most group tours of Europe rush through Luxembourg in a day or two, the goal of LUXEMBOURG ADVENTURES is to provide tour participants with a comprehensive immersion into the past and present culture, history, food and drink, traditions and natural beauty of the world’s only Grand Duchy.

For those of Luxembourg ancestry, a LUXEMBOURG ADVENTURES group tour will help you understand and appreciate your unique heritage.  Tours normally include a special Free Day/Family Day in which Kevin coordinates visits to ancestral villages, giving you the opportunity to delve into your family history and genealogy.  Some tour participants are able to visit ancestral homes and even meet distant relatives still living in Luxembourg.  The Family Day is often a day filled with unexpected surprises!

LUXEMBOURG ADVENTURES group tours do require average to above average mobility as there is plentiful walking as we explore Luxembourg each day.  Yet tour participants also reserve the right to bow out of any tour activity to rest or to enjoy a cup of coffee while people watching.

Often LUXEMBOURG ADVENTURES group tours are planned around special celebrations/holidays in Luxembourg such as regional wine festivals, Luxembourg National Day, US Memorial Day, UNESCO-listed Spring Dancing Procession, Schueberfouer (Fall Festival), Christmas, etc.  Attending a special event in Luxembourg can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that enhances your tour experience.

Most LUXEMBOURG ADVENTURES group tours also include day excursions to special sites in the region surrounding Luxembourg:  Belgium, France and/or Germany.  Since parts of these countries were once also a part of the Duchy of Luxembourg, these day excursions highlight unique sites and destinations within the Greater Region of Luxembourg.